DM Financial Group's process.

What to expect -

Step 1 - Initial Phone Call

During this call we can discuss if your issue is something DM Financial Group can help with.  This process should take 10-15 minutes.  Any concerns should be brought out to make sure we will be able to work together.  

Answers to common questions.

  • There is no crystal ball, all investments involve risk. 
  • DM Financial Group does not sell products for commissions. 

Step 2 - Meeting #1 Fit & Project

A prescription without an evaluation and diagnosis is malpractice.

During this meeting we will get into more of the details of your problem.  DM Financial Group will determine if additional value or clarity can be provided for your situation.

At the end of this meeting you have a choice to make:

  1. Do nothing – The easiest option.  Maybe we are not a good fit, or you are not ready, either way our path together ends here for now.
  2. Project – DM Financial group will work with you on a limited bases to answer your most pressing questions.  
  3. Full Financial Plan – DM Financial group will not only answer your pressing questions but like a checkup there will be a full financial screening to identify any other financial issues that could cause problems in the future. 

Step 3 - Presentation of finding

Finally some answers.

DM Financial group will go over the findings in either your project or financial check up. After getting the answers you need you have another choice.

  1. Do it yourself.  We are happy to point the way and send you off and our time together comes to an end.
  2. Hire DM Financial group for an ongoing basis.  Allow DM Financial Group to help guide and help solve your financial concerns on an ongoing basis.  


Final Step - Working Together

As life happens DM Financial Group will help you change course, stay on track, and manage your investments.  You will have someone translate, guide, and assist with all the ins and outs of your financial situations.